Edit objects

In addition to making global changes to a design, such as changing the thread palette and design colors, you can edit design objects and even individual stitches. The Edit Objects toolbox provides many tools for reshaping, resizing, rotating objects, as well as add or remove stitch angles. Explore the topics listed on the right.

Selection functions

Keyboard shortcuts are available for most selection functions:


Choose Select tool


Select multiple objects

<Ctrl> + left-click
Select a range of objects<Shift> + left-click first and last objects
Select next object     <Tab>
Select previous object<Shift + Tab>
Add next object to selection<Ctrl + Tab>
Add previous object to selection<Ctrl + Shift + Tab>
Select all objects<Ctrl + A>
Deselect all objects<Esc> or <X>

Editing functions

Keyboard shortcuts are available for most editing functions:

Center current stitch<C>

Cut selected objects

<Ctrl + X>
Copy selected objects<Ctrl + C>
Paste selected objects<Ctrl + V>
Duplicate selected objects<Ctrl + D>
Duplicate selected objects with offset<Ctrl + Shift + D>
Delete selected objects<Delete>
Group selected objects<Ctrl + G>
Ungroup selected objects<Ctrl + U>
Lock selected objects<K>
Unlock objects<Shift + K>
Reshape selected objects<H>
Apply closest join to selected objects<J>
Nudge selected objectsLeft-click + arrow keys
Undo a command<Ctrl + Z>
Redo a command<Ctrl + Y>
Cancel a command<Esc>
Delete last reference point (when digitizing)<Bksp>
Toggle underlay in selected objects on/off<U>