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The built-in 'embroidery library' makes it easy to search, sort and browse all embroidery designs on your system. If you are already familiar with Windows Explorer, the interface will be quite intuitive to you. But there are some differences. The embroidery library is a 'virtual library' in that any designs on your system can be located and displayed within the navigation tree. The design software doesn't care where they physically reside on your hard disk or external storage devices. Any folder containing embroidery designs can be included in the navigation tree.

On some computers, design thumbnails do not appear automatically in the Embroidery Library or in Windows Explorer. The most common cause are the Windows Explorer preferences. For details, see Configure folder options for design thumbnails.

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Open the embroidery library

The embroidery library opens in its own tab on the design bar. It has five components - two toolbars, a toolbox, a navigation tree, a design display area, and an info panel.

ToolboxUse the toolbox on the left to open selected designs, convert them, print them, or output them to any connected embroidery machine or data media, or find folders containing the designs and add/remove folders to/from embroidery library.
Navigation tree
  • Right-click the navigation tree to access a popup menu. Use it to cut, copy and delete without leaving the software.
  • Use it also to zip designs and folders.

Note, however, that the navigation tree in the design manager is not an exact duplicate of your Windows Explorer folder structure. Because design manager is only 'interested' in embroidery designs, you will only see folders which have already been added to the Embroidery Library.

Design display

The design display area shows any designs in selected folders corresponding to the filter selected and search criteria entered in the View toolbar. Use this toolbar also to customize the design display view.

Design infoWhen a design is selected, summary information is displayed in the info panel at the bottom. See also Design information.
View toolbarSearch or sort the entire embroidery library or any chosen folders on any criteria selected. See below.
Standard toolbarCreate new designs, open existing designs, open recent designs, and cut, copy and paste selected designs.


Filter & sort designs

The View toolbar provides a powerful means for sorting, filtering, and searching for designs in your embroidery library. For instance, filter the library to show only certain file types.

Use it also to search for names or keywords or sort them by name, create date, or other criteria. Use it also to control display of the navigation tree as well as thumbnail appearance.

Find designs

The 'Find' field is very powerful. Search on any criterion displayed on the Info panel. For example: 'author:wilcom colors:<5 stitches:<3000'. This will narrow the search to only those designs which have been authored by 'Wilcom', which have less than 5 colors, and which have less than 3000 stitches. Make sure you use the correct syntax. Each field name must include a colon ':' after the name. Use the Clear button to clear the Find field before conducting another search.

Note that certain terms are 'hard-coded' in the EMB file properties. When conducting searches in languages other than English, you need to make sure the following terms are entered in English. These are not natively available in the Operating System and always appear in English...

English termMeaning
Color Changes