Configure folder options for design thumbnails

The built-in Embroidery Library makes it easy to search, sort and browse all embroidery designs on your system. If you are already familiar with Windows Explorer, the interface will be quite intuitive to you. You are advised, however, to make a few adjustments to folder options for recommended embroidery design settings. The steps below are based on Windows 10 settings.
  • Start the File Explorer program from the Windows task bar.

  • Select the Embroidery folder.

    Embroidery libraries do not automatically appear in Windows 10. For details, see Embroidery libraries 1.

  • Go to File Explorer > View > Options > 'Change folder and search options'.

  • The Folder Options dialog opens.

  • Go to the View tab. Several Windows default settings are not ideal for embroidery.

  • Recommended settings include:

  • Click 'Apply to Folders' to apply settings to the Embroidery folders. Summary:

    Setting Reason
    Always show icons, never thumbnailsUntickedSo thumbnail images of embroidery designs will show, not the program icon.
    Display file icon on thumbnailsUntickedSo program icons do not display in the corner of design thumbnails.
    Hide extensions for known file typesUntickedSo you can see the different types of embroidery design files - EMB, DST, JEF, etc.
    Show preview handlers in preview paneTickedSo you can see a preview of the embroidery design in the preview pane.

  • If your File Explorer settings are properly configured, thumbnail images will appear as expected in the Embroidery Library:

In addition to the Embroidery Library, these settings affect how thumbnails display in File Explorer and other Windows applications.