Manage folders

The embroidery library is a 'virtual library' in that any designs on your system can be located and displayed within the navigation tree. The design software doesn't care where they physically reside on your hard disk or external storage devices. Any folder containing embroidery designs can be included in the navigation tree.

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Use Manage Designs > Find Embroidery Designs to locate all compatible designs on your hard disk.

Find designs to add

Finding all compatible designs on your hard disk and any external devices such as USB, zip drive, etc, is simply a matter of clicking the button. You will be prompted to select the folders containing designs you want to add to the embroidery library. Simply select the folders you want to include in your Embroidery Library, and click Add to Library.

Use Manage Designs > Add Folder to Library to add an existing folder to the Embroidery Library. This enables faster searching and filtering of the folder.

Select folder to add

Alternatively, simply click the Add Folder button to locate a folder of your choice to the embroidery library.

Use Manage Designs > Remove Folder from Library to remove a folder from the Embroidery Library. This only removes the link to the folder from within the library. It does not actually delete the files in the folder from storage.

Remove folders

Remember that the embroidery library is a 'virtual library'. When you add or remove folders from the navigation tree, this only affects the Embroidery Library. It does not affect the folder structure on your hard drive. To remove a folder from the Embroidery Library, select and click the Remove icon. When you remove a folder, all subordinate folders will also be removed from the navigation tree.


Embroidery Libraries in Windows 10

Embroidery libraries do not automatically appear in Windows 10.

  • Go to Windows Explorer.
  • Select 'This PC' and right-click the empty window to invoke the popup menu as shown.
  • Choose 'Show libraries'. The Embroidery Libraries are added.