General problems

This page describes general problems you may experience with your software and designs.

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Missing toolbar buttons

ProblemButtons missing from toolbars. 
CauseScreen resolution is set too low. 
SuggestionChange the screen resolution to 1366x768 or higher.  Or run the ResetProfile.BAT in the BIN folder of your installation.

Inconsistent output results

ProblemProblems when sending designs to embroidery machines for stitching. Inconsistent reading and writing.


Serial or USB communications problems. Inconsistent reading and writing may be caused by wrong port settings in the operating system. Other possible causes are that machine and software versions may not be compatible. In this case, contact your dealer.


Change the port settings.



Control points missing


The control points on selected objects are missing in systems updated from a previous version. This problem may be accompanied by ‘Exception Access Violation Error’ messages followed by a system crash.

CauseThis problem is related to the video card and occurs more on newer and 3D video cards than older ones. 
SuggestionDownload and install the latest software driver from the video card manufacturer’s Internet website. These are normally free from the provider. Some websites to try include:
 Other sites that provide drivers or links to other sites are: