Known issues

  • CorelDRAW is installed together with Windows .NET Framework. To ensure that CorelDRAW is correctly installed with your embroidery software with the correct version of .NET, make sure you install it when prompted to do so. It can take up to 20 minutes or more to install the .NET Framework on some computers.
  • Performing a Mirror-Merge 'wreathing' operation set to 100 on a complex design can take over 40 minutes+ to produce a result. When using motif patterns only the centerline is shown during placement, this can lead to dense stitching in areas due to the motif pattern. Outlines are not shown when mirroring or wreathing some sequin objects.

  • If you are experiencing some instability with V5.0F, please install the latest Digitizer update to V5.0H or later and ensure you have the latest Windows updates installed. 
  • On Windows® 7 or later, please send designs one at a time when using a USB-RS-232C Conversion Adapter. An error is displayed when trying to send multiple designs at the same time.
  • On some computers, design thumbnails do not appear automatically in the Embroidery Library or in Windows Explorer. The most common cause are the Windows Explorer preferences. For details, see Configure folder options for design thumbnails.