Start & end design

The Auto Start and End feature is used to establish the start needle and end needle positions on the machine. These are denoted by the following symbols...

Start needle position

End needle position

These positions do not necessarily coincide with the first and last stitches in the design. The machine is not actually making a 'stitch' at these points, as shown here...

You are advised not to change the default settings unless you know what your target (non-Janome) machine needs.

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Use Customize Design > Auto Start and End to preset the start and end needle positions on the machine.

Setting start and end needle positions

  • Right-click Auto Start and End.
  • Select a centering method for start and end needle positions...

    First / last stitch

    Start and end the design at the first and last stitches wherever these may occur in the design. In this case, start and end needle positions coincide with start and end stitches in the design...

    Auto start / end

    Select one of the nine preset start and end points. In this case, start and end needle positions both coincide with the center of the design, even though there are no stitches at this point...

    Digitize start / endDigitize your own start and end needle positions. Use this option when you want to strictly define the start/end point of the embroidery usually to align with some other component. If you select this option, you are prompted to click the point after closing the dialog.

    Some machines will override automatic settings regardless of what you set in the software. For example, some machines require that the needle position be in the center of the hoop when you load the design. The machine has the last say!

  • If you have chosen to auto start and/or end the design at one of the nine preset start and end points, you can also independently choose a 'Maintain Automatically' checkbox:
    • Check 'Maintain Automatically' (the default) to automatically maintain start and/or end needle positions. This ensures that start/end points are maintained during editing operations.

    • Uncheck 'Maintain Automatically' if you want to position the design at a specific location in the hoop. You might do this to set up continuous designs or special placements such as on pockets. Make sure automatic centering is set to start needle position. See also Center hoops.
  • Click OK. Connecting stitches will be inserted as required before the first and after the last stitches of the design.

Click View > Show Hoop to show or hide hoop. Right-click for settings.

Auto start / end and hoop position

There is a relationship between start and end needle position and hoop center position which is not always obvious. The thing to keep in mind is that ‘Auto Start and Auto End’ settings allow you to set start and end needle positions in relation to the design when opened on the machine. The ‘Hoop Position’ settings allow you to set the hoop to center around the whole design automatically or manually.

If you have selected 'automatic centering', you also have the option to check 'at start needle position' which will set the first stitch at the center of the hoop. If you select the 'manual' option, you have a further option to set the hoop center. For more information see Center hoops.