View designs

Your embroidery software provides many viewing features to make it easier to work with your design. Zoom in on an area to see more detail or view the design at actual size. Show or hide various design elements with the available display settings. You can show or hide needle penetration points, connectors and the stitches themselves.

Viewing functions

Keyboard shortcuts are available for most viewing functions:

To Press

Show/hide images

Show/hide vectors <Shift + D>
Show/hide shapes <L>
Show/hide rulers <Ctrl + R>
Measure a distance on screen^<M>
Show/hide hoop <Shift + H>
Show/hide whole hoop </>
Show/hide whole design <0> (zero)0
Show selected <Shift + 0> (zero)
Turn on/off TrueView <T>
Show/hide stitches <S>
Show/hide needle points <.> (period)
Show/hide connectors <Shift + C>
Show/hide functions <Shift + F>
Refresh screen display <R> or <F4>
Center Current Stitch <C>
Show/hide Stitch Player <Shift + R>
Press <Esc> to close.

Zoom functions

Keyboard shortcuts are available for most zoom functions:

Zoom 1:1<1>
Zoom In 1.25x<+>
Zoom Out 1.25x<->
Zoom In 2x<Shift + Z>
Zoom to Fit<0> (zero)
Zoom Factor<F>