Viewing methods

Your design software provides many viewing techniques to make it easier to work with your designs. Turn on or off design artwork. View selected parts of a design. Zoom in on an area to see more detail or view the design at actual size. The View toolbar and menu provide access to most of the viewing options you will need.

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Use View > Show Design to show or hide design elements. Click to open droplist of view settings.


Display backdrops

In addition to embroidery designs, artwork can be inserted, pasted or scanned into the software for use as digitizing ‘backdrops’. You can turn on or off embroidery, vector and/or bitmap artwork selectively. Depending on view options set in the Options dialog, bitmap images display in full color or dimmed. Use the Display Images and Display Vectors icons to selectively turn on or off backdrops. Alternatively, use the shortcut keys, <D> and <Shift + D>. See also Import images.

So you don’t accidentally move or delete the backdrop, select it and press <K> on the keyboard to lock it down.

Use Zoom > Pan to pan across a design at high zoom factors.
Use Zoom > Zoom 1:1 to display design at actual size.

Click Zoom > Zoom In to view design in greater detail.

Click Zoom > Zoom Out to display design at half its current size.

Use Zoom > Zoom to Fit to display whole design in the design window.
Use Zoom > Zoom to draw a marquee around the area you want to view in detail.
Click Zoom > Zoom Scale to display design at a specified scale.

Zoom & pan

Magnify your view of the design by zooming in on individual stitches or details, or zoom out to display more of the design in the window. In addition to the scroll bars, panning provides a quick way to view parts of a design which are not currently visible in the design window. Panning is typically used after zooming in on an area.

  • Activate the Zoom toolbar via the Window > Toolbars menu.
  • Because you will use these tools frequently, it's a good idea to memorize the shortcut keys indicated in brackets after the tool name.
  • For instance, to zoom in on a section of the design, press the <B> key on your keyboard, then drag a bounding box around the zoom area.

  • To pan across a design in the design window, use Pan or press <P>. The cursor changes to a grabbing hand symbol. Click and drag to pan the design.
  • The same zoom options are available via the View menu. Alternatively, right-click the design window to open the popup menu.

  • Press <Esc> to cancel tool selection.


View selected parts of a design

You can set your system to display all embroidery objects in a design, or hide all but the selected objects.

  • To display selected objects, select View > Zoom > Zoom to Selected or press <Shift + 0>.

  • To fit the whole design in the design window, select View > Zoom > Zoom to Fit or press <0>.
  • To view the design at actual size, select View > Zoom > Zoom 1:1 or press <1>. See also Monitor calibration.


Use Edit Objects > Resequence Manually to show or hide Resequence docker. Use it to resequence objects and color blocks in a design.

Hide or isolate objects

It is often helpful to hide selected objects in order to focus attention. Use the popup menu in the Resequence docker to hide objects.

Use the same menu to 'hide unselected' which has the effect of hiding all other objects apart from the one you have currently selected. To reveal all hidden objects, select 'Unhide All'.


Design overview

Use the Design Overview docker to navigate designs at high zoom factors via a design thumbnail. The docker updates whenever you make a change and can be used to zoom in or pan across the design window.

  • Toggle the docker on or off via the Window menu.
  • Click the docker to make it active.

  • Click the Zoom button at the bottom and drag a bounding box around the area to view.
  • Click and drag the bounding box to pan across the design.