Cross stitch

Cross stitching is a popular technique for filling large areas with low stitch counts. Cross stitch is also sometimes combined with appliqué. Cross Stitch fill is something like Motif fill but is generated differently. Crosses in separate objects line up precisely when using the same fabric count. This is because cross stitch fills are generated on a universal grid not object-by-object. Fractional crosses are generated at object boundaries in order to avoid gaps. Cross Stitch fill uses travel runs under and along the cross stitching. Stitch angle has no effect on pattern layout

Use Object Properties > Fill > Cross Stitch to create open patterned fills with crosses generated to suit standard grid for entire design.

To adjust settings, select and double-click an object. Select Cross Stitch if not already selected.


Cross stitch settings include:

Cross densityControls the size of cross specified as a fabric count rather than cross size. Crosses in different objects align precisely if using the same cross density.
ThreadsSets the number of times – 2, 4 or 6 – thread passes over the same cross in order to make it bulkier.
Stitch styleSpecifies whether full cross (X), diagonal, or upright (+). Stitch style as no effect on grid alignment if the same stitch size is used.
Floss directionControls which way top leg of the cross – i.e. full length stitch – is directed – forward or backward for diagonal full crosses and horizontal or vertical for upright full crosses.

Cross stitch can be perpendicular or diagonal. Note that stitch angle has no effect on the cross stitch grid.

The cross stitch grid is not displayed but you can set the background grid to the cross size to see how the grid is being used. See Hoop templates, grids & rulers.