Send designs to machine

The embroidery software supports various sets of machine model. Direct-connect for new and some older machines as well as saving to ATA PC card and USB memory stick are all possible methods for outputting designs to machine. Higher level machines support direct connection, although menu options change according to machine. Newer machine models are usually supplied with machine connection software. This can be configured so that the design passes straight from your embroidery software to machine. Or you can pass the design to the machine connection software for further processing.

Earlier machine models do not support direct connection but they do read ATA PC cards and/or USB memory sticks. These are convenient portable memory devices which can hold large amounts of data in a small 'stick' or 'card'.

Machine selection

If you haven't already done so, you will need to select the machine you want to connect to. The choice of machine in turn determines the hoop types available from the hoop list. It also affects the output options available from the Machine menu, Output Design toolbox, or Context toolbar. See also Machine selection.

Machine connection

If your machine supports direct machine connection, make sure it is physically connected to your PC. Your embroidery software is able to automatically detect which type of supported machine is currently connected to the PC USB port. The Machine menu items are determined by the type of machine connected to the PC. If no machine is detected, all menu items will be grayed out. You will see a confirmation message if you try to send a design while the machine is unconnected. See also Machine connection.

Design destinations

Depending on your machine connectivity, you can potentially send designs individually or as a batch to three possible destinations:

  • Built-in machine memory of your JANOME MemoryCraft
  • ATA PC card attached to PC memory card slot on your machine, or
  • USB memory stick attached to your machine.

Alternatively, you can use an external media drive to write designs in JEF format directly to card.

JPX file format

The JPX production file format includes a JPG image, in addition to the embroidery, of any graphics included in the design. This provides you with a better means for visually aligning embroidery on a printed item when hooped in the machine. Older machines display only thread codes and not the specific brand. However, the same code across two (or more) different brands of thread may be completely different colors. With the MC12000 machine, a thread brand ID identifying the thread chart is recognized and the specific thread brand displayed on the machine itself. The brand designation is written to the JPX file.