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Release Notes

The Release Notes for Hatch Embroidery contain information about new features, enhancements, product requirements, and any known issues. Read this section before installing or upgrading your Hatch software.

First-time users

If you are new to the software, you’ll be pleased with its flexible digitizing capabilities, the ease with which you can create and edit designs, and how simple it is to add or create your own lettering. However, before you begin working with the product, please read the Getting Started section.

Update users

The latest software is an enhanced version of our earlier products. It has many new and expanded features. Please read the Release Notes section to quickly familiarize yourself with the scope of these improvements.

Periodic updates

Periodically you will receive automatic updates to your software installation. These will include improvements and fixes to known problems. To update your embroidery software...

  • Connect your computer to the internet.
  • Start your Hatch embroidery software. It will automatically check for software updates.
  • If it is not up-to-date, you will be prompted to start the update.
  • The required file will be downloaded from a secure server.
  • Once download has completed, follow the prompts.
  • Once completed you will need to restart your PC for all changes to take effect.

Automatic updates overwrite your 'normal' template. If you have made changes, you will need to save them to a custom template - e.g. 'My Template'.

Documentation en français

La version française de la documentation de Hatch 2 n'est pas disponible actuellement. Pour des conseils de base concernant l'utilisation de Hatch, reportez-vous à la documentation de Hatch 1.

Documentazione italiana

La versione italiana della documentazione di Hatch 2 non è attualmente disponibile. Per informazioni di base sull'utilizzo di Hatch, si fa riferimento alla documentazione di Hatch 1.