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Product key

You may have received a 5-part Hatch product key in the form d566695e-dedc-4417-a5e7-8326056cd267. The license can be activated on the Hatch website OR within the Hatch Embroidery Software if already installed. If you download or purchase directly from the Hatch website, you will not need a product key. It will automatically be assigned to your email that you used to create your Hatch account. You will only receive a product key if you have purchased the software directly from a reseller at a show, retail shop, or included with your machine. Once you have input your product key, you never need to input it again. It has a one-time use. Once activated, it is assigned to your email.


Activate your product from the Hatch website

  • You will receive a unique link from your reseller. Use this link if you have a product key. The link will be similar to but will be unique to your reseller.
  • Choose Yes from among these options:
  • If you do not have a Hatch online account, register and enter the 5-part code:
  • If you do have a Hatch online account, log in with your email address and password:
  • Insert your 5-part Hatch product key and click ACTIVATE:



Activate your product from within Hatch

  • If you haven't yet done so, download and install Hatch Embroidery Software. This can be done by clicking the download button on the top of the website at or use this direct download link
  • Launch Hatch. The Sign In screen will appear.

  • If you already have a Hatch account, sign in with your registered email address and password. If you have already activated your product key on the website, Hatch Embroidery Software will now launch. If you have not yet activated your product key, you will receive a verification email. See below.
  • If you have not yet registered a Hatch account, click CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. Enter your details to create a new account and click SUBMIT.
  • Click the ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT link in the email sent from
  • If you do not receive this email, click to RESEND VERIFICATION EMAIL as shown below. Check that the email is not caught by a spam filter or placed in the Promotions tab of your Gmail account.
  • Once clicked, the browser window will open with the following message. You are then able to open your software and click RETURN TO SIGN IN.
  • Click the 'Have a product key?' link and continue to activate your Hatch product key.

  • Insert your 5-part Hatch product key and click ACTIVATE. Once successful, wait for the activation to complete and Hatch will launch with the product.
  • Next time you restart Hatch Embroidery, simply sign into your account and the software will start. To avoid signing in each time, ensure 'Keep me signed in' has been selected.