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User Guide

Welcome to Hatch embroidery software product documentation. This resource provides instructions for users of Hatch embroidery software. Explore the topics listed on the right.

For a brief overview, watch the video. Click the CC button for captions. Designs, fonts and other elements used in this video may not be available in your software, depending upon purchased options.

For lots of videos, projects and ideas for using your Hatch software, visit our online Hatch Academy. (Right-click to open in a new tab.)

Hatch Academy

Education is the key to getting more from your Hatch Embroidery software. Learn from the experts. Hatch Academy offers over 170 quality embroidery lessons design by Hatch Embroidery experts. Get answers to your questions directly from the trainers.  Choose the Pass that's right for you.

Printed documentation

Printed copies of the Hatch Embroidery 2 User Guide can be ordered from

Documentation en français

La version française de la documentation de Hatch 2 n'est pas disponible actuellement. Pour des conseils de base concernant l'utilisation de Hatch, reportez-vous à la documentation de Hatch 1.

Documentazione italiana

La versione italiana della documentazione di Hatch 2 non è attualmente disponibile. Per informazioni di base sull'utilizzo di Hatch, si fa riferimento alla documentazione di Hatch 1.