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Once you are used to sewing out designs and resizing, changing colors and fabric types, you will certainly want to create your own lettering designs. While it takes practice to obtain a good quality lettering stitchout, it is as simple as typing letters on-screen to create attractive lettering in your software. The Lettering / Monogramming toolbox provides the tools needed to add high quality embroidery lettering to your designs as well as create monogram designs.

For a brief overview, watch the video. Click the CC button for captions. Designs, fonts and other elements used in this video may not be available in your software, depending upon purchased options.

For lots of videos, projects and ideas for using your Hatch software, visit our online Hatch Academy. (Right-click to open in a new tab.)

The Monogramming feature offers a simple way to create personalized monograms using a selection of pre-defined monogramming styles, border shapes and ornaments, together with a set of tools to help you place these elements in creative and decorative ways. See Monogramming.

This week we’ve got another couple of introductory videos that will ease new Hatch users into lettering! Begin with the basics where you can learn about how to get started on creating lettering and making simple adjustments. Click the thumbnail to read more or right-click to open the link in a new tab...