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Split objects between hoopings

Use Multi-Hooping > Add Splitting Line to digitize one or more guides in a multi-hoop layout to split objects between hoopings.

The splitting line tool allows you to split objects that would not otherwise fit within a hooping. In effect, it allows you to digitize one or more split lines in a multi-hooped design prior to outputting to file, machine or memory card. Splitting becomes necessary when, although a design is fully hooped, objects which are unable to fit within a single hooping still appear in black.

Digitize split lines in the normal way, using right-clicks for curves and left-clicks for corner points. As long as splits occur within the sewing field of overlapping hoopings, the resultant ‘split objects’ are displayed in green. Objects will not be split in the design file but they will be split on output. The split will not necessarily be along the digitized line. Instead, it will be made as inconspicuous as possible. The resulting objects will preserve their original object type, stitch angle, parameters and color.

Although split lines are only visible in multi-hoop mode, they are maintained when switching to other modes. Split lines do not affect object integrity and you can still reshape and transform split objects as before.