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Supported embroidery files

Details are provided here of the embroidery file types supported by the software.

Embroidery files fall into two broad categories – 'all-in-one' design files and machine files. Design files are generally ones you open and modify in the software. Machine files are generally ones you send to machine for production. There is some inter-convertibility between the two formats. Note that you can filter your design library between these two broad categories. See also Embroidery file types.

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Embroidery files

Your design software supports the following specific file formats:

FormatFile DescriptionGradeReadWrite
Wilcom EMB designEMB Wilcom 'all-in-one' design file (up to & including e3.0) A
BERNINAART BERNINA 'all-in-one' design fileA 
JanomeJAN JANOME 'all-in-one' design fileA 
Wilcom Cross StitchEMX Wilcom Cross Stitch design file  
Great NotionsGNC Great Notions production file  
Melco CondensedCND
Melco 'condensed' design file

BERNINA / MelcoEXP Melco embroidery design file. Also used for newer BERNINA embroidery USB format. 
TajimaDSTUsed for main types of Tajima machines 
BERNINA Cross StitchARX BERNINA cross stitch file  
Deco / Brother / BabylockPES Deco, Brother, Babylock production file 
Deco / Brother / BabylockPEC Deco, Brother, Babylock production file 
ElnaEMD Elna production file 
Janome / Elna / KenmoreSEW JANOME/Elna/Kenmore production file 
JanomeJPX JANOME/Elna/Kenmore production file 
Janome / Elna / KenmoreJEF JANOME/Elna/Kenmore production file 
Janome / Elna / KenmoreJEF+ JANOME/Elna/Kenmore production file  
Husqvarna / VikingHUS Husqvarna/Viking/Pfaff production file 
Husqvarna / VikingSHV Husqvarna/Viking/Pfaff production file 
Husqvarna / Viking / PfaffVIP Husqvarna/Viking/Pfaff production file 
Husqvarna / Viking / PfaffVP3 Husqvarna/Viking/Pfaff production file 


 Pfaff production file 
PfaffPCM Pfaff production file 
PfaffPCQ Pfaff production file 
PfaffPCS Pfaff production file 
Singer / Poem / HuskygramCSD Singer / Poem / Huskygram production file 
SingerXXX Singer production file 
OESD ProjectART42 OESD 'all-in-one' design fileA 
Digitizer TemplateJMT JANOME design templateA 
BERNINA TemplateAMT BERNINA design template A 
Hatch TemplateEMT Hatch (Wilcom) design template A
‡ DST files can be read by MB-4 machine machines.

JPX file format

The JPX production file format includes a JPG image, in addition to the embroidery, of any graphics included in the design. This provides you with a better means of visually aligning embroidery on a printed item when hooped in the machine.

Older machines display only thread codes and not the specific brand. This causes confusion as the same code across two (or more) different brands of thread may be completely different colors. With newer JANOME MemoryCraft machines, a thread brand ID identifying the thread chart is now recognized. The specific brand is displayed on the machine itself.