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Handle objects

The software lets you add to designs by copying and pasting objects by a variety of methods. The Standard toolbar provides standard copy/cut/paste tools. Right-click a selected object to invoke the popup menu. This provides access to the same command set.

Typically, when design elements are combined, you will want to apply various transformations, including duplication, scaling, mirroring, and other operations. Explore the other topics in this section to acquaint yourself with the possibilities.

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The screen illustrations in this publication are intended as representations, not exact duplicates of screen layouts generated by the software. The samples used to illustrate software features and capabilities may not be exactly duplicable, depending on your product level.

Click Standard > Copy to copy the selection and place it on the clipboard. This tool is also available via Edit menu.
Click Standard > Cut to cut the selection and place it on the clipboard. This tool is also available via Edit menu.

Click Standard > Paste to paste contents of the clipboard. This tool is also available via Edit menu.

Copy & paste objects

You can copy objects to create multiple, identical objects, or to insert objects from other designs.

  • Travel to the position in the stitching sequence where you want to paste the object/s.

  • You can also remove objects from a design using the Cut command and paste them back in again.

  • If you are copying composite objects containing more than one color, as shown, you will need to sequence them to optimize color changes.

Cut and paste operations change the stitching sequence in the design. See also Sequence objects.

Use Context > Group to group selection. Or press <Ctrl+G>. This tool is also available via Arrange menu.
Use Context > Ungroup to ungroup grouped selection. Or press <Ctrl+U>. This tool is also available via Arrange menu.

Group objects

The software provides various means for grouping and ungrouping objects. Grouped objects can then be selected, moved, copied, resized and transformed as a single object. Select the objects to group. The Context toolbar which appears by default provides options for grouping and ungrouping selections. The popup menu accesses the same commands.

Use Context > Duplicate to duplicate selection in the same position. Duplicate is placed at end of stitching sequence. This tool is also available via Edit menu.
Use Context > Duplicate with Offset to duplicate selection in an offset position. Use to create regular patterns of duplicate. Right-click for settings. This tool is also available via Edit menu.

Duplicate objects

Objects can be duplicated rather than copied. When an object is duplicated, it is not copied to the Clipboard. This leaves the Clipboard free for other objects. Select the object/s to duplicate. Various duplication options become available - the Layout toolbox, the Context toolbar, the Edit menu or the popup menu.

The easiest way to duplicate a selected object is to click the Duplicate tool or simply press <Ctrl> + <D>. This copies the object to the same position where it can be dragged to another location. Remember though that if an object is pasted twice at the same position, it will be stitched twice.

The 'Duplicate with Offset' option allows you to create step-repeat offset objects. It works like the Duplicate tool but places duplicate objects according to presets in the Edit tab of the Embroidery Settings dialog. The feature can be used to create effects like drop shadows for lettering or other objects. It allows you to set an X / Y offset when duplicating to create patterned arrangements. Select Software Settings > Embroidery Settings to access the dialog.


Center offset

When activated, object/s are duplicated with the horizontal and vertical offsets set here. Use these to create precise offsets for patterned arrangements or effects such as drop shadows.
Center at current stitchWhen activated, duplicate objects are centered above the stitch cursor, wherever this is located in the design. This is the default behavior.
Start at current stitchWhen activated, cloned objects are pasted at the current stitch cursor.


Clone objects

As an alternative to duplication, the 'quick clone' feature can be used to copy selected objects.

  • Right-click and simply drag selected objects.
  • Clone objects to another window by the same method. A copy of the selection is created at the same coordinates as the first window, no matter where the mouse is released.
  • For more precise positioning, hold down <Ctrl> while dragging – movement is constrained to X / Y axes.
  • To temporarily deactivate automatic scrolling, hold down the <Shift> key while dragging.
  • After first using the quick clone function, click Duplicate with Offset or press <Ctrl> + <Shift> + <D> to duplicate the cloned object with the same offset.