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Break apart lettering

Applying the Break Apart function to a lettering object breaks it into a logical stitching sequence while maintaining lettering object characteristics. Object properties can be edited separately for single lines, single words, or even single characters. Stitching sequence is maintained. Similarly, if you apply Break Apart to monograms, they are broken into their component objects.

When saved into earlier versions of the software, monograms and appliqués may be broken apart by default.

Use Edit Objects, Appliqué or Lettering / Monogramming > Break Apart to split composite objects – monograms, appliqués, lettering, etc – into components. Allows each to be edited individually. This tool is also available via Edit menu.

Break apart lettering

Sequence logic is as follows...

  • Select the lettering object and click Break Apart.
  • Multi-line lettering is broken into separate lines.
  • Individual lines can be broken into separate words.
  • Words can be broken into separate letters.
  • Letters can be broken into their individual embroidery patches. Lettering properties are lost. Only general embroidery object properties remain.

An exception for single-line (multi-word) objects is the case of the center-out stitching sequence. Such objects are broken apart directly into single-letter objects. The stitching sequence is thereby preserved.

Use Lettering / Monogramming or Edit Objects > Knife to cut objects along a digitized line, preserving stitch settings and colors.

Use Lettering / Monogramming > Reshape to reshape an object shape, edit stitch angles, adjust entry and exit points, or customize envelopes.

Cut lettering manually

Depending on your product level, the Knife tool may be available in your Lettering / Monogramming toolbox. Use it to manually cut closed or block-digitized shapes into smaller fragments. It can, for instance, be useful when editing converted TrueType fonts.

When you select a TrueType font in the font list, it is automatically converted to embroidery lettering. While TTF conversion produces similar results to digitized embroidery fonts, some letters may not contain the correct sequence of strokes. Generally, conversion problems can be fixed with a combination of Knife and/or Break Apart tools together with the Reshape tool.

Generally, you should not need to use Knife with native embroidery fonts. However, you might want to use it to make creative changes to a letter.

The Knife tool will also work with Satin, Zigzag, and Blanket outlines. It does not work with other outline types such as Run or Motif.