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Print layouts

You can sew embroidery out by saving it to removable media and stitching out using a layout template and the cloth setter. The device has a transparent plastic bar with marked cross. The software allows you to define layout work areas of up to 3m x 3m. Large layouts may print to many pages. To save paper, you may choose to print at a percentage of actual size. You must then remember to multiply the template dimensions by a scale factor. For example, if you print at 50%, you need to double the measurements on the worksheet when transferring to the fabric. Use the table below as a guide.

50%2:1x 2
25%4:1x 4
20%5:1x 5
10%10:1x 10

Use Output Design / Standard > Print Preview to preview design worksheet. Print from preview window.

To print a design layout

  • Click the Print Preview icon. Your design layout displays as it will be printed.

  • Click Options. The Print Options dialog opens.
  • Select Template Mode. These settings show the design outline with no stitches.
  • Make sure Cloth Setter Marking and Work Area options are checked. The cloth setter marking indicates the hooping center. It is printed with each hooping in the design.
  • Select the Zoom 1:1 option in the Zoom group.
  • Click OK. Each hooping has a number printed near the cloth setter mark to indicate the hoop sequence.

  • You can print out an overview of the layout by selecting Zoom to Fit or entering a value in the % of Actual field.

While the cloth setting marking is supported in JEF and SEW files, outlines are not. Since JEF and SEW are stitch file formats, they only contain stitch data, no outlines. The workaround is to display JEF and SEW files with stitches and cloth setter marking turned on.