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Grids & guides

Use grid and guide lines to help accurately align or size embroidery objects. The grid can be turned on or off and grid spacing changed as preferred.

In addition a ruler can be turned on or off for accurate measuring. The zero point of the ruler can be set to any point on the design or design window. The ruler scale depends on the zoom setting.

Together with the ruler, guides can be placed across the design window to help align objects. Each guide has a yellow handle on the ruler to move or delete it. Guides are displayed on top of the grid, if present, but ‘beneath’ design objects. Rulers must be displayed before a guide can be set.

Note that the unit of measurement – mm or inches – depends on the regional settings in the Windows Control Panel. They can be changed from within the software. See also Measurement units.

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The screen illustrations in this publication are intended as representations, not exact duplicates of screen layouts generated by the software. The samples used to illustrate software features and capabilities may not be exactly duplicable, depending on your product level.

Click View > Show Rulers & Guides to show or hide rulers and guides. Right-click for settings.

This button appears at the point where rulers intersect. Click to set the ruler zero point to the top left corner. Alternatively, drag to set a zero point in the design window.

Display Rulers, Grids, & Guides

The software allows you to turn rulers on and off and create guides for more accurate digitizing. These make it possible to accurately position and size objects and whole designs.

  • Turn on grids and rulers via the View toolbar.

  • Alternatively, right-click a blank part of the design window to invoke the popup menu.

  • Reset the ruler zero point by clicking and dragging the box in the top left-hand corner to a point on the design. This becomes the new zero point – X,Y (0,0). The grid always aligns with the rulers.
  • To create a guide, click on either ruler – horizontal or vertical – and click-and-drag into position. Multiple guides can be created and just as easily removed.
  • For more accurate positioning, double-click the yellow guide handle. In the Guide Position dialog, enter a precise distance from the zero point, and click OK.
  • To remove a guide, drag the yellow guide handle off the design window.

Click View > Show Grid to show or hide grid. Right-click for settings.

Click View > Show Hoop Template to show or hide hoop template.

Display grids or hoop templates

Templates for all hoops are included in the software. They can be used for positioning in place of the design grid. Alternatively, use grid lines to help accurately align or size embroidery objects. Grid and hoop template are mutually exclusive. To display the grid or hoop template...

  • Adjust the design window background as preferred.
  • Use the Show Hoop Template icon to toggle the hoop template display on or off.
  • Use the Show Grid icon to toggle the grid display on or off.
  • Right-click the Show Grid icon to access grid settings. Optionally, adjust grid spacing, select a reference point, and turn on 'Snap to Grid'.
  • You can adjust grid spacing in both horizontal and vertical directions. Sometimes you might want to set it for precise design work such as cross stitch.
  • Optionally, activate 'Snap to Grid' and 'Snap to Guides'. Reference points, control points or leading edges of objects 'snap' to grid lines during digitizing, sizing, reshaping, or positioning operations.
  • Select the 'Set Reference Point' checkbox to set the zero point of the rule. For example, you can set the grid reference point to the design center. This is easier and faster than moving the whole design. When you close the dialog, you are prompted to mark the zero point of your design.

To temporarily disable 'Snap to Grid' as you work, hold down <Alt>.

Use Context > Measurement Units to change measurement units within software without changing operating system settings.

Measure distances on screen

Measure the distance between two points on screen using the Measure tool. Measurements are shown in millimeters or inches, depending on current settings. See also Measurement units.

  • Select View > Measure Tool or press <M>.
  • Click the start point and drag the mouse. The tooltip displays the length of the measured line. The angle shown is the angle of the measured line relative to the horizontal.


  • Press <Esc> to finish.
  • You can also check the width and height of your design in the status bar.

For more accurate results, zoom in before you measure. The measurement is always the actual size, and is not affected by zoom factor.