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Stipple fills

Stippling is a method for creating textured fills of run stitching which meanders more or less randomly within a border. It can be applied to closed objects with a single stitch angle. You control stitch density in stipple objects by adjusting stitch length and loop spacing.

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Use Object Properties > Fill > Stipple Single Run to create fills made up of run stitches which meander within a border.

Use Object Properties > Fill > Stipple Stemstitch to create heavier stipple run fills with stemstitch outlines.

Use Object Properties > Fill > Stipple Backstitch to create heavier stipple run fills with backstitch outlines.

Stipple fills are actually made up of a long meandering run stitch. Three types are available - single, stemstitch, and backstitch. Apply them as you would any other fill type.

Stipple values

The Stipple Values panel helps you control the stippling effect. Adjust Loop Spacing for tighter or more open stitching. Adjust the Inset Step to adjust the margin from the object outline.

Stitch values

Control run stitch settings in the Stitch Values panel. Adjust Stitch Length for smoother or sharper curves. The Run Count defines the number of stitch repetitions – e.g. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 – and hence stitch bulk. Stemstitch and Backstitch offer further settings. See also Outline stitches.

Use Select > Reshape to reshape an object shape, edit stitch angles, adjust entry and exit points, or customize envelopes.

Reshape stipple fills

While consisting of run stitching, stipple fill objects can be reshaped like any other closed object.