Product Documentation

Welcome to Hatch Embroidery

Welcome to Hatch Embroidery, Wilcom’s newest embroidery software. Designed for craft and hobby users, it features the latest technology in an easy-to-use interface with add-as-you-go features. Hatch Embroidery software is a downloadable product that you can buy all-in-one or start small and add modules when it's right for you. Finally, embroidery software that is powerful but doesn't overwhelm you!

Start with Embroidery Basics for the easiest way to manage and customize your designs. Expand your embroidery activities and techniques with the add-on modules such as Monogramming, Layout-Editing and Auto-Digitizing. For more product information and prices please visit our website here. To contact our support or sales team, click here.

First-time users

This online documentation provides instructions and troubleshooting for users of Hatch Embroidery. You can insert keywords into the search field to find information, or use the navigation menu on the left to find the topic of interest. However, before you begin working with the product, please read the Getting Started section. For more information, projects, and support click the links below.


The screen illustrations in this publication are intended as representations, not exact duplicates of screen layouts generated by the software. The samples used to illustrate software features and capabilities may not be exactly duplicable, depending on inclusions provided with your software model or product level.

The online help may include changes and updates not yet included in the PDFs available for download. Always check the online documentation for the latest information.