Getting Started

If you are new to embroidery design software or machine embroidery, you are probably asking yourself ‘where do I start?!’.

It’s safe to say that you will spend many hours learning how to get the most out of your embroidery machine and the design software which supports it. The two work together hand-in-hand and it takes practice and patience to master both the creation and production of fine embroidery.

The results, however, will speak for themselves, making the time you invest all the more valuable. With each project you complete, you will gain in experience and confidence and be ready to tackle the next challenge.

Working with embroidery

Let’s take a look at the scenarios that you will find yourself working with. Typically, you will be involved in one or all of the following:

  • Take a ready-made design and sew it out
  • Make global changes to a design
  • Combine lettering with a design
  • Create a monogram design
  • Adapt an existing design
  • Create embroidery from artwork using automated techniques
  • Create embroidery manually
  • Use special embroidery features

Let’s look at those cases one by one. This section outlines the main uses you will make of your embroidery software, together with references to sections of the User Guide where you can obtain more in-depth information.

For lots of great videos and ideas for using your Hatch software, visit our online resource center.