Next steps

If you have reached this point, you have already mastered 90% of the techniques that most embroiderers need. However, coming to grips with manual digitizing is the next step in becoming an embroidery master. You can start with quite simple projects and work your way up to more complicated designs with more complicated stitch effects. See Digitize objects.

Special embroidery features

Once you have mastered manual digitizing, you are in a position to take advantage of the full range of stitch types and effects that the software offers. Many of them you will be familiar with, having already adapted existing designs for different purposes. Some of the many techniques supported by the software include:

Refer to the User Guide or the many online resources.

Happy embroidery!

Do good work with your machine and software. With this equipment you have everything you need to create top quality, fully professional embroidery.

Remember to make good use of the packaged designs and clipart. When in doubt, go back to first principles. And when you find you want to expand and extend your repertoire, study the sample designs carefully to see how it’s done.

All the best. And have fun!