Keyboard shortcuts

The software uses toolbars and shortcut keys to provide quick and easy access to common commands. This section provides a list of all keyboard shortcuts available in the software, as well as short descriptions of the tools you will find in the toolbars.

General functions

Keyboard shortcuts are available for most general functions:

To Press

Create a new design

 <Ctrl + N>

Open an existing design

 <Ctrl + O>
Save a design <Ctrl + S>
Print a design      <Ctrl + P>
Close the software <Alt + F4>
Show/hide grid <Shift + G>
Show/hide Design Palette <Ctrl + R>
Display thread colors^<Alt + T>
Open Lettering docker <A>
Define layout work area^<Ctrl + W>
Show/hide work area <W>
Show/hide Overview window <Shift + V>
Show/hide Resequence docker <Shift + L>
Apply/select satin <Shift + I>
Apply/select tatami <Shift + M>
Apply/select run <Shift + N> then press <Enter>

^ Press <Esc> to close

Selection functions

Keyboard shortcuts are available for most selection functions:


Choose Select tool


Select multiple objects

<Ctrl> + left-click
Select a range of objects<Shift> + left-click first and last objects
Select next object     <Tab>
Select previous object<Shift + Tab>
Add next object to selection<Ctrl + Tab>
Add previous object to selection<Ctrl + Shift + Tab>
Select all objects<Ctrl + A>
Deselect all objects<Esc> or <X>

Viewing functions

Keyboard shortcuts are available for most viewing functions:

To Press

Show/hide images

Show/hide vectors <Shift + D>
Show/hide shapes <L>
Measure a distance on screen^<M>
Show/hide hoop <Shift + H>
Show/hide whole hoop </>
Show/hide whole design <0> (zero)
Show selected <Shift + 0> (zero)
Turn on/off TrueView <T>
Show/hide stitches <S>
Show/hide needle points <.> (period)
Show/hide connectors <Shift + C>
Show/hide functions <Shift + F>
Refresh screen display <R> or <F4>
Center Current Stitch <C>
Show/hide Stitch Player <Shift + R>
^ Press <Esc> to close.

Editing functions

Keyboard shortcuts are available for most editing functions:

Center current stitch<C>

Cut selected objects

<Ctrl + X>
Copy selected objects<Ctrl + C>
Paste selected objects<Ctrl + V>
Duplicate selected objects<Ctrl + D>
Duplicate selected objects with offset<Ctrl + Shift + D>
Delete selected objects<Delete>
Group selected objects<Ctrl + G>
Ungroup selected objects<Ctrl + U>
Lock selected objects<K>
Unlock objects<Shift + K>
Reshape selected objects<H>
Apply closest join to selected objects<J>
Nudge selected objectsLeft-click + arrow keys
Undo a command<Ctrl + Z>
Redo a command<Ctrl + Y>
Cancel a command<Esc>
Delete last reference point (when digitizing)<Bksp>
Toggle underlay in selected objects on/off<U>



Travel functions

Keyboard shortcuts are available for most travel functions:

To travel...Keyboard †Keypad ‡
To start of design<Home><7>
To end of design<End><1>
To next color<PgDn><3>
To previous color<PgUp><9>
100 stitches forward <+>
100 stitches backward <->
10 stitches forward˅<2>
10 stitches backward˄<8>

1 stitch forward

1 stitch backward<<4>
† Press <Esc> first  ‡ Num Lock OFF



Zoom functions

Keyboard shortcuts are available for most zoom functions:

Zoom 1:1<1>
Zoom In 1.25x<+>
Zoom Out 1.25x<->
Zoom In 2x<Shift + Z>
Zoom to Fit<0> (zero)
Zoom Factor<F>