Customize designs

The Customize Design toolbox provides functions which allow you to make global adjustments to your designs. Explore the topics listed on the right.

General functions

Keyboard shortcuts are available for most general functions:

To Press

Create a new design

 <Ctrl + N>

Open an existing design

 <Ctrl + O>
Save a design <Ctrl + S>
Print a design      <Ctrl + P>
Close the software <Alt + F4>
Show/hide grid <Shift + G>
Show/hide Design Palette <Ctrl + R>
Display thread colors^<Alt + T>
Open Lettering docker <A>
Define layout work area^<Ctrl + W>
Show/hide work area <W>
Show/hide Overview window <Shift + V>
Show/hide Resequence docker <Shift + L>
Apply/select satin <Shift + I>
Apply/select tatami <Shift + M>
Apply/select run <Shift + N> then press <Enter>

^ Press <Esc> to close