Digitize objects

In the software, you build designs from basic shapes or ‘embroidery objects’. The process is called ‘digitizing’. Digitizing tools are used in conjunction with stitch types to create embroidery objects. The tools are similar to drawing tools in a graphics application except that the objects you create have stitch properties as well as general properties, as shown.

The Digitize toolbox provides all the digitizing tools necessary to create embroidered shapes. Tools such as the Freehand tools can be used to create designs with a hand-drawn appearance, something which is difficult to achieve through conventional digitizing methods. You can apply different effects to your embroidery objects. Effects such as Feather Edge which is used to create shading effects or imitate fur or other fluffy textures.

Use special tools for cutting holes, removing excess stitching, as well as filling holes. There are also tools for stabilizing large areas as well as reinforcing outlines.

Branching is an advanced feature which lets you digitize similar, overlapping objects – e.g. the fingers of a hand, sections of a custom letter – without having to think about the most efficient stitching sequence and joins.

General functions

Keyboard shortcuts are available for most general functions:

To Press

Create a new design

 <Ctrl + N>

Open an existing design

 <Ctrl + O>
Save a design <Ctrl + S>
Print a design      <Ctrl + P>
Close the software <Alt + F4>
Show/hide grid <Shift + G>
Show/hide Design Palette <Ctrl + R>
Display thread colors^<Alt + T>
Open Lettering docker <A>
Define layout work area^<Ctrl + W>
Show/hide work area <W>
Show/hide Overview window <Shift + V>
Show/hide Resequence docker <Shift + L>
Apply/select satin <Shift + I>
Apply/select tatami <Shift + M>
Apply/select run <Shift + N> then press <Enter>

^ Press <Esc> to close