Included fonts

This page lists all fonts that are standard with your embroidery software. For best results when stitching, do not exceed the recommended maximum or minimum sizes. Recommended maximum and minimum heights refer to UPPER CASE letters. Some lower case letters – e.g. a and c – are about 70% the height of a capital letter. Thus you may need to make these characters larger than the recommended minimum.

You can create special characters in each font by holding down the Alt key on your keyboard and typing 0 (zero), its code, using the numbers on the keypad. For example, to type ê with the code 234, type <Alt> + <0234>. The accented letter will appear when you release the <Alt> key. Note that not all characters are available in all fonts. See also Special lettering.

Small, narrow letters may not require automatic underlay depending on size and fabric. If applied, the underlay may show outside the stitched columns. See also Stitch reinforcement.

Add-on fonts can be purchased with Customizer, Creator, and Digitizer. No fonts are included with Basics. Font packs can be purchased from the Hatch website.