Manage designs

The Manage Designs toolbox and My Designs tab provide an integrated way to view and organize all your embroidery designs. It allows you to easily resolve questions like:

  • Where do I find my designs?
  • I want to customize existing designs

The built-in 'embroidery library' makes it easy to search, sort and browse all embroidery designs on your system. If you are already familiar with Windows Explorer, the interface will be quite intuitive to you. But there are some differences. In a nutshell, the library lets you:

  1. Find designs anywhere on your local hard drive or external device such as USB or ZIP drive.
  2. Search for designs by various means, including known design information.
  3. Create an organizing structure for easy categorization.
  4. Batch-convert selected design files to many stitch formats such as JEF, SEW, DST, EXP, and others.
  5. Print selected designs or send them to embroidery machine for stitchout.
  6. Find embroidery designs anywhere on your hard drive or external storage device and, optionally, add them to the embroidery library.