Output designs

Using the Output Design toolbox you can output embroidery designs in a variety of ways – by printing as worksheets, as appliqué patterns, color sequence, or as thread charts. The software also allows you to save your designs as images for use with fabric and garment applications. You can also send them directly to machine for stitching. When working with designs that are larger than the available physical hoop, you can split them into parts, each containing an object or group of objects. The software automatically calculates which files are to be sent and shows you how they will look.

USB memory sticks

Current machine models read from and write to USB memory sticks. These are very convenient portable memory devices which can hold large amounts of data in a small ‘stick’.

Besides USB connection, you can write to an external media drive in a similar way as you would save to floppy disk.

You are advised to save designs stored in the machine’s built-in memory to hard disk or ATA PC card to prevent accidental loss of data due to improper operations or malfunctions.