Capture designs

Designers frequently want to distribute designs for viewing in real colors, in TrueView or otherwise, with or without fabric backgrounds. In a commercial environment, this might be for stock design sales purposes, for approval of digitized designs, or for presentation on the web or in catalogs. 

Use Output Design > Capture Design Image to save design image as bitmap. Resulting image is as it appears on screen.

Capture & send screen images

Screen images are captured in PNG format. Bitmap resolution defaults to current screen resolution. Properly calibrated, this figure should default to approximately 72 or 96 DPI (dots per inch), depending on the resolution of your monitor. Options are self-explanatory...

Selection options include:

Whole design (1:1)Captures the screen image in a ratio of 1:1.
Current design windowCaptures the screen image at the currently selected zoom factor.
CustomLets you specify a capture area. You are prompted to define the area to capture.

Output options include:

Save to diskSave screen capture to disk. Select a location, name and format for the captured design image.
Send via emailA new email message opens with the image attached.
Save & sendSave to hard disk and send as an email attachment.

The quick way to email a design image is to click the Send via email option in the dialog. If you use the email option provided in the Capture Design Image dialog, you can select image size - from large (1280 x 1024 to small (640 x 480).