Save designs

Embroidery designs can be saved in one of two formats – ‘outline’ or ‘stitch’. EMB is the native outline format of the embroidery software. Other 'all-in-one' design file formats such as JAN are also available. The software also supports many stitch file or machine formats such as JEF, SEW, DST, EXP, and others. For a comprehensive list, see Supported embroidery files.


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Use Standard > Save Design to save the current design.

Use Output Design > Save Design As to save the current design with a different name, location or format.

Save designs

The Save options allow you to save a design to native EMB format or similar 'all-in-one' format such as JAN.

  • To save changes to an existing design, simply click the Save Design icon on the Standard toolbar or press <Ctrl + S>
  • To save a design changes to an existing file but preserve the original, use Save Design As.
  • Navigate to the design folder and save in the format of your choice.
  • Select a file format from the Save as Type list. See also Supported embroidery files.


Small stitch removal

You have control over the automatic removal of small stitches. This functionality is now accessed via Design Settings > Remove Small Stitches...

The filter can be applied continuously, on output only, or never. When set to ‘Always’, the filter is automatically applied in the background whenever objects are edited or digitized. The default is 'On output'.

Use Output Design > Export Design to convert current design to a format other than your selected machine.

Export designs

You can export an open design to stitch file format for use by embroidery machines. The software supports stitch formats such as JEF, SEW, DST, EXP, and many others. For a comprehensive list, see Supported embroidery files.

  • Open the design you want to export.
  • To export to a format recognized by your selected machine, click the Export Design icon.
  • Select the stitch file type you want to convert to.
  • Click Browse to locate a destination folder for the converted designs. 

You can convert your EMB and other design files to and from other file formats directly from your embroidery library. See also Convert designs.