System preferences

The User Interface Settings dialog allows you to set auto-save and scrolling preferences. Access the dialog via the Software Settings menu. Alternatively, right-click a blank part of the design window to access the command from the popup menu.

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Automatic save options

Save your work automatically at regular intervals using Auto Save to protect you from losing work in the event of hardware or software failure. Select the Auto Save Design Every checkbox and specify an auto-save frequency in minutes.

The design will be saved in the BACKUP folder of your installation. It will have the same name as the original file with the extension BAK. Backup files remain in the Backup folder until you delete them. To prevent the folder from using too much hard disk space, delete unwanted files regularly.

Auto-scroll behavior

Use Auto Scroll to scroll automatically within the design window while digitizing. This can be more convenient than using panning or scroll bars, especially when working on large designs.

Auto Scroll options include:

Auto scrollTick checkbox to enable automatic scrolling while digitizing.
Move pointer after scrollTick checkbox to force pointer to move with the current cursor position after each scroll.
Response timeEnter smaller values to increase scrolling speed.

The effect of the Auto Scroll setting only becomes apparent when you start to digitize. The design window automatically scrolls to follow the current cursor position.

The 'Move Pointer' option gives you the following choices:

CenterCenter of the window. Use this setting for large movements.
MidwayHalfway between the original pointer position and the center of the window. Use this setting for smaller movements – e.g. when zooming into a small area of the design.
CornerThe edge of the screen. Use this setting for slow scrolling.

Hold down the <Shift> key to temporarily deactivate Auto Scroll while digitizing.

Mouse-wheel behavior

The Scrolling tab also allows you to set four different mouse wheel behaviors based on your selection of default options. Whenever a setting is changed, the system will update other mouse wheel behaviors, but you have complete control to change as desired.

The same four options are available for use when deploying the mouse wheel on its own or in combination with <Alt>, <Ctrl>, and <Shift> keystrokes. That is, you can program the wheel to scroll horizontally, vertically, or zoom by preset factors. Tick 'Center Pointer when Zooming' to ensure that the pointer stays centered on screen at all times.